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Communication errors

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RS 232

Rs-232 (recommended standard) is one of the most widely used interfaces in the communication between a computer and peripheral equipment. Initially developed for the pc for communication with the keyboard/printer mouse etc., but nowadays used for a multitude of applications. Rs-232 works on +3 to + 15 volts for a binary ‘0’ and on -3 to –15 volts for a binary ‘1’

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PT100 and J or K typeThermocouples

Within the industry there are two types of frequently used, but essentially different temperature sensors. These are the PT 100 and thermo electric couples.  The essential difference between these two sensors is that the PT 100 is a temperature dependant resistor behaving like a PTC. PTC signifies positive temperature coefficient, which means that when a temperature rise occurs, the resistance increases proportionally. Therefore, the PT 100 is also known as a temperature dependant resistor or RTD (Resistant Temperature Device). The measuring range of these PT100 temperature sensors lies between -200ºC and 850ºC.

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